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Hermit Road Tour

A guided bike tour along the scenic Hermit Road. River views, incredible Canyon vistas, geological wonders, and wildlife sighting opportunities. Includes rental + Shuttle. More Info


Yaki Point Tour

Departs directly from our shop. Navigate the beautiful rim side trails to Yaki point trail head. Stunning views, wildlife, rim side greenways and more! Includes rental and guided bike tour. More Info

Self Guided Tour

Coming soon! Navigate the Hermit trail with our tour app. Includes entertaining and informing dialogue as our Sarah Neal guides you along the Hermit Road route.  Available this summer!

 Self Guided Map App

Download our tour app ahead of your ride and let us ride with you and guide you through the park. Works by GPS, so voice prompts guide you as you ride. Currently free navigational use.

COMING SOON: Rich interpretive guide coming in 2024, price announced at launch. 

Scan the QR code or search “Bikegrandcanyon Tours” in your phone’s app shop. 




Can you rent an e-bike for a tour?
No, e-bikes are currently not authorized by NPS for tours.

Are there a lot of uphills on Hermit Road Tour?
This route bypasses the very steep sections and has only mild inclines and declines. There is a small section which is too strenuous for some to pedal, and guides with accommodate a slower walking pace through this area to help if needed. 

What’s different about the Hermit and Yaki Tour?
The Yaki tour departs right from the shop so it takes less time. It is more greenway riding and Canyon vistas. There is generally more interaction with people on this route. The Hermit Road tour requires a shuttle and goes to a more remote area of the Park so it takes more time. There are views of the Colorado River and more terrain variety on the Hermit Road tour as well.


We always recommend reservations whenever possible. Walk-up availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is on a weather-dependent basis in the winter months.


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