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This is our FAQ and “Safety Video” page. Everyone that rents one of our bikes must watch this video in completion prior to signing waivers and complete an in person fitting and orientation before riding our bikes. Please scroll below this video to read our FAQs.

Do the bike paths go into the canyon? Is it safe!?

No, the paths do not go into the Canyon. Yes, it is considered a safe activity. Grand Canyon does not permit mountain biking below the rim. Our rides are done on paved roads and greenways along the edge/rim of the canyon.  There are several unguarded pull offs along your ride where you can dismount and walk to an un-guarded over-look.  If you stick to the trails and roads, you can take comfort that the NPS built the paths with a safe distance from the Rim in mind . Most people feel very safe during their ride but of course we always recommend that you exercise caution with speed and maintain control of your bike at all times. If you have minors who ride unpredictably or erratically or you or your child are very new at riding bikes we recommend using a bike trailer (if they’re under 60 pounds) or bypassing this activity.

How far is your bike shop from the Grand Canyon itself?
Our shop is located in the Visitor Center plaza, a 5 minute walk from the Rim. You can ride your bike from our shop and be on the rim and rim side trails of the Yaki route within 5-10 minutes. While there are other rental shops outside of the park, we are the only NPS authorized concessioner inside the Park to rent bicycles and the only one in close proximity to the Canyon.
Can you see the canyon from your bike?
Yes, the vast majority of the time on most bike routes you’ll be in eye-shot of the canyon and a lot of the routes have long stretches of incredible canyon vistas right along side where you are riding. There are dozens of easy pull offs as well where you can stop and take pictures . There are also stretches through the trees, forests and village. Most wildlife is seen during these stretches of road/path so you’ll enjoy all of it!
Are there hills on the ride? How fit do you have to be?
It depends on your route. There are mild, moderate and difficult routes. We recommend you consult our bike techs about the different routes available and which is most suitable for your physical abilities and time constraints. We have routes that will suite every fitness level. Our tours are set up to avoid the large and difficult hills and are 90% low grade down hill. If you would like to attempt a long distance route or one with hills, consider renting and ebike.
Do you have to know how to ride a bike?
YES! This is not a good place to learn this particular new skill and you will sign a waiver stating that you are a skilled rider with enough experience to keep your bike in control at all times. Watch our Safety Talk Video if you’d like to be prepared ahead of time for the type of challenges you may face on a bike ride.
How far will your e-bikes go?
Average battery range is 30-40 miles depending on the use of power assist setting choice. Each bike has 4 power assist modes. Operating the bicycle in the higher levels will use up the battery life faster and could result in a empty batter.
If your bike runs out of battery power prior to returning to our shop, you can continue to pedal the bike manually.
What is your cancellation policy?

– Cancellations received 24 hours or more before a trip will be fully refunded less a 5% service charge
– Cancellations received less than 24 hours before a trip will not receive a refund.
– Pre-booked rentals and tours ended prematurely due to severe weather will be refunded on a prorated basis
– In the event that tour passengers are delayed due to unforeseen and extenuating circumstances such as unannounced road closures, weather which prevents rides such as lightning or ice (drizzle and rain does not prevent a ride), mechanical failures or accidents, BAB management will work to provide an alternate tour time or refund the group minus a 5% administrative service fee. 
– Weather can be erratic at the Canyon. Especially in summer during monsoon season, there is always a chance of rain at some point on your ride. We cannot cancel and refund rentals made on a walk up basis which are interrupted by rain.Please come prepared with rain jackets. (We sell panchos at our store). If dangerous conditions such as lightning or ice prevents your ride, you will be eligible for a full refund.
-If an injury or illness causes a last minute cancellation please email us documentation so that we can have management issue a refund or whenever possible we will rebook you.
-Contact us ASAP if you for any reason are delayed.
-If your tour was booked through a third party company (booking engines, hotels and resorts, tour operators etc.) and for any reason you are not able to ride you must address refunds with the company you booked and paid with.
– Our online booking platform and credit card companies charge us 5% in fees and do not refund these fees in the case of cancellations. This is the reason we do not refund the 5% in the case of “full refunds”. We apologize for this inconvenience. Consider it a risk taken for the convenience of booking tours and reserving rentals ahead of time. 


Is this a family friendly activity?

Absolutely! In fact we’d venture to say that this is the BEST family activity at Grand Canyon that you could participate in. We rent bike trailers, tag-alongs and kid bikes to get the whole family on wheels.  If you are interested in utilizing the tricycles, we recommend calling ahead to check availability (we often DO NOT have tricycles available), we do not offer online reservations on tricycles.

What's the difference between the Hermit Shuttle and Hermit Tour?
The Hermit shuttle package includes a bike rental and either one way or two way shuttle past the “difficult-to-navigate” portions of the journey. The Hermit tour includes a bike rental, shuttle ride AND guide lead interpretive tour on a 5 mile stretch of the Hermit road.
What's the weather like?
Grand Canyon has four seasons. We have warm moderate summers with a season of monsoon rains usually in July or August. We also have cold snowy winters. Please see our weather and trail conditions page for up to date details.
Do you rent bikes in winter?
Yes. We rent bikes through the fall until January 5th. Bike rentals in November/December are affected by the weather and will only be rented weather permitting. Things like snow, ice, lightning etc. will definitely pump the breaks on rentals. Sorry! Best bet is to check out current weather conditions before you come. Remember, if you’re going to bike in winter we suggest building up with closed shoes, leggings and/or pants, and layers that you can remove including a wind breaking jacket and beanie. Our bike shop is closed from January 9th through March 5th and bikes rentals and tours are not available in this time frame.
Is your bike shop open year round?
Our bike shop is open on a “weather permitting” basis. Please check our weather and trail conditions page for up to date info and the hours page for current hours. The cafe is open every day except Christmas.
What is your weather policy?
We constantly watch the weather for possible extreme weather conditions. Lightning is extremely dangerous on the rim and if it appears that lightning may be near the rim we do not rent bikes or run tours. We DO NOT give refunds for rain alone (walk up rentals). If you choose to take your bike out and happen to get rained out this is not something we can prevent. Weather prediction is not always accurate occasionally our customers find themselves out in a storm cell. If you are sent out and a weather system moves in and lightning is striking near your location we ask that you move away from the rim immediately and contact us. Our mandatory orientation will cover these procedures in detail at time of rental.All pre booked tours/rentals please see the information below. PLEASE WATCH OUR TRAIL CONDITIONS PAGE FOR UP TO DATE WEATHER INFO.
Are gratuities included?
NO. Just like any person in the hospitality industry, our tour guides do appreciate and count on tips based on the effort and preparation that they demonstrate. We of course recommend that you tip according to the service and experience you have received. Some people tip our shuttle drivers. We’ll leave that up to you, and if you feel that a guide fell short of your expectations we strongly suggest that you reach out to us so we can correct any issues.
What should I wear? What should I bring?
Always wear appropriate biking attire. Ensure that loose pants or skirts are not flapping into bike spokes. We always recommend wearing sandals that are fully attached to your feet as flip flops can slip off mid-ride and cause accidents. Bring your camera (no pictures while riding… only when stopping), sunscreen, water bottle and snacks. We do have an adjoined cafe where you can purchase all of these items. Of course always prepare for rain with rain jackets or cold weather with sweaters or wind breakers.
Where do I park?
P4 Lizard parking lot at the Grand Canyon visitor center. Our building is located directly off this lot.
What if I damage my equipment?
First of all each bike is safety checked between each ride. You are asked to do a test ride on the greenway path adjacent to our shop. If anything seems amiss you are asked to return the bike and notify us. If you leave we assume that everything is in order and anything that occurs after leaving is your responsibility. If you paid for insurance we’ll take care of the cost or damaged incurred from a crash. If you didn’t you’ll pay for our bike tech to repair it at market labor and parts cost.
What if I don't return my bike?
Your credit card will be charged the full amount to replace the bike. If you cannot return it to our center but lock it in a nearby location we can find and notify us of it’s location you will be charged a $100 abandonment fee instead.
Do you offer rider support for emergencies?
You’ll be given instructions on how to reach us in case of mechanical issues that may (in the rare occasion) arise during your ride. Our shuttle driver will come to trail side and help you although there are some occasions where we ask you to board our shuttle or the NPS shuttle and return to the shop. We’ll give you tips on how to prevent things like the chain coming off during our mandatory orientation. Medical emergencies are exclusively the business of the NPS and we ask that you immediately call 911 in case of any accident that requires immediate attention.
Do I still have to pay Park entrance fees?
Yes. Anytime you’re in a National park you have to pay to get in. You’ll do that at NPS entrance before you reach us.
Are there bathrooms, water and food on route?
On most trails yes… check out our maps and routes for more details.
What do you sell at your shop?
This is an approximation of what we carry. This may change through the year: Breakfast and lunch sandwiches, bagels and pastries, coffee, drinks, reusable water bottles and mugs, hot chocolate, snacks, souvenirs, post cards, winter clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera cards, kahtoola microspikes for winter hiking, limited toiletries, batteries and more.
Where should we stay? What should we eat/do?
Reference our Grand Canyon Info page for our recommendations. Did you know you can book a picnic lunch from us ahead of time and utilize one of the incredible picnic spots during your ride? More info here!
Do you rent wheelchairs?
Yes. $11.50 flat rate. Click here to make a reservation, or walk up first come first serve.
I have a compliment or complaint... who do I contact?
We want to hear what you have to say! Please contact us and ask for a manager or email and your email will be forwarded to ownership/management appropriately. You may also review your experience on Yelp or Tripadvisor.
What should I be prepared for on my ride?

This is best answered in our safety talk video which you can watch at the top of this page.


We always recommend reservations whenever possible. Walk-up availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is on a weather-dependent basis in the winter months.


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