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Grand Canyon Bicycle Rentals

Time Slots for our Grand Canyon Rentals:

  • 1 Hour: Per Hour (Some items have 2 hour minimum)
  • Half Day: Up to 5 hours, same day, return by closing time
  • Full Day: 5+ hours, same day, return by closing time
  • 24 Hours: The reservation will have a default timeline of 8am-5pm. Bikes can be picked up inside that range and once you begin to ride,we will start the 24 hour clock. 

Availability + Late Arrivals:
Our rentals are all available by walk-up (until sold out) and also by online reservation. A portion of the fleet is saved for walk-up only so if we are sold out online, YOU SHOULD STILL TRY WALK UP! Reservations are recommended. If you are late, rentals are held for up to an hour after your booking reservation start time. If you are arriving late, please notify us as soon as possible. (No late accommodations on tours).

Grand Canyon Bicycle Rental

Cruiser Bicycles

Comfortable geared cruiser bikes made for everyone! Perfect for the paved paths and roads with flat and mild hills around the park.

Adult Pricing:

  • 2 Hour :   $30 + tax 
  • Half Day  : $35 + tax 
  • Full Day  : $50+ tax 
  • 24 Hours: $55 + tax

Child Pricing:*

  • 2 Hour: $26.00 + tax
  • Half Day: $26+ tax
  • Full Day: $40 + tax
  • 24 Hours: $45+ tax

* We charge by height, not age. Anybody 5’0″ and over has to ride an adult size bicycle. 

Grand Canyon eBike Rental


Go further and have more fun on an eBike at Grand Canyon! We offer Class 1 eBikes:         Electra Townie 8d Go! & 5i Go! that are also known as “pedal assist”. A pedal assist eBike it is a win, win. You continue to get the same thrill of riding a traditional bike combined with extra power in the pedals to help up the hills! Average battery range is 35-40 miles. If you’d like to read more about our eBikes (electric bicycles).

Adult Pricing:

  • Half Day: $75 + tax
  • Full Day: $95 + tax

* We do not rent ebikes hourly. A major credit card is required to secure walk-up reservations.

Grand Canyon Burley Bike Trailer Rental


Trailers hold up to 90 pounds and are equipped with 2 seats and seat belts.  It is recommended parents bring your own car seat for any child younger than 2 years old. Your child seat can be installed in our trailers which will then provide a safer and more comfortable ride for your child. **NEW** Trailers can now be attached to E-Bikes too!


  • 2 Hour : $27 + tax
  • Half Day: $30 + tax
  • Full Day: $40+ tax
  • 24 Hours:$45 + tax
Grand Canyon Burley Bike Tag-Along Rental


Tag Along Attachment for beginner riders 5-7ish years old Max. weight limit 75lbs. Adult towing the Tag along should be a confident cyclist. This is a great solution for kids who aren’t completely comfortable riding on their own yet. **NEW** Tag-Alongs can now be attached to E-Bikes too!


  • 2 Hour : $25 + tax
  • Half Day: $30 + tax
  • Full Day: $40+ tax
  • 24 Hours:$45 + tax
Grand Canyon Stroller Rentals

Single Strollers

The City Mini 4-Wheel is one of the most nimble strollers you will ever use. Its 4-wheel design and dual front wheel suspension eases your way over life’s daily obstacle course, making it the perfect stroller for parents on the go. 


  • 1 Hour : $8 + tax
  • Full Day : $18 + tax 
  • Multi Day : $15 per day + tax
Grand Canyon Double Stroller Rentals

Double Strollers

Getting everywhere with two little ones has never been easier, thanks to the City Mini Double. You can glide around the canyon even when you only have one hand free to steer. You can even roll through a standard size doorway.


    • 1 Hour : $12 + tax
    • Full Day : $31 + tax 
    • Multi Day : $27 per day + tax
    Grand Canyon Wheelchair Rentals


    Wheelchair rentals are available on a walk up basis daily. You can also reserve one online.


    • Full Day Flat Rate: $12
    Grand Canyon Backpack Rentals

    Backpacks & More

    We offer backpacks for rent and other items seasonally. These are available online as an add on to bikes or in store for walk-up availability only.


    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations prior to 24 hours = 95% refund
    Cancellations inside 24 hours = 0% refund

    Weather cancellations = See FAQ’s for more details
    If we have to cancel for any reason = Rebook you whenever possible, and in the case that we cannot, we issue a 95% refund


    We always recommend reservations whenever possible. Walk-up availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is on a weather-dependent basis in the winter months.


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