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  • Bike Shop Manager– Responsible for managing day to day bike operations including making sure rentals, tours and shuttle go out smoothly. Must be an energetic, flexible, team player preferably with management experience (or strong references indicating that learning this position would be possible). Position requires 5 days per week work. Wages include hourly salary, low cost communal housing, tips (pooled from bike and very busy cafe), and use of bike. Candidates MUST be comfortable learning and using new technology. We currently use to run our operation. Occasionally required to help on cafe side and must be okay with this! Excellent opportunity to live at Grand Canyon, meet new people and save money!
  • 40 hours+ a week. Starting salary offered is $20 per hour (scaled up to match your experience if necessary) + tips. Tips are pooled from our VERY busy bike shop and cafe operation so can be considerable. Communal housing included for $75 per week including utilities. Dental insurance, shift meal, and bike for commuting also included.



  • Bike Mechanic (Filled)– Responsible for repairing and maintaining the rental bicycle and ebike fleet for a high volume shop on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The mechanic will work in a fast-paced environment, and will need to be able to diagnose and repair a variety of bicycle types and models, maintain
    inventory stock related to bicycle repair operations, and keep detailed service logs for fleet maintenance and repairs.
  • Cashiers (Still requiring more candidates) – Must have experience working with the public and have basic arithmetic skills. Ideally should have experience handling money. Must have references to qualify.
  • Coffee Barista (Still requiring more candidates) – Must have experience working with the public and have basic coffee service skills (will train selected individuals). Ideally should have 1-2 years experience within food service industry and must have experience handling money. Must have references to qualify.
  • Expediter (Still requiring more candidates) – Must be organized and efficient- entry level position.Tasks would include assisting other employees with any tasks necessary to shorten wait times within the food service and/or bike rental side of the business.
  • Bike Tour Guides (Still requiring more candidates)– Must have excellent people/communication skills and love working with people! Must be able to ride a bike well. Ideally would have prior experience guiding (river guides, biking guides, hiking guides, park rangers, teachers, etc.) but not necessary. Must be able to learn and retain Grand Canyon interpretive knowledge base to use on tours. Must have references to qualify. Must clear mandatory drug test.  We are also accepting applicants who would like to take on guiding as a second job.  CPR and community first aid certification will be required in advance or within 30 days of first day on the job.


Beyond any experience in a cafe or working with bikes or as a tour guide (these are bonuses, but not necessary) – these are the characteristics that will help you get hired and ultimately thrive with our company:

  • You love a high paced environment but are comfortable finding tasks to keep you busy on slower days too.
  • You’re an amazing team player… flexible and friendly enough to live and work with the same crew and possibly making new life long friends.
  • You love interfacing with a wide variety of people of different ways and walks of life (and you enjoy interpreting accents!)
  • You are good at patiently interacting with (sometimes) impatient people; and long lines don’t phase you… you keep your head under pressure.
  • You’re comfortable living remotely and spending your spare time hiking Canyons, looking for wildlife, and driving an hour to the nearest big box stores. You’re game for the money saving opportunity and chance to really get to know this beautiful area.
  • You’re committed to spending at least 6 months living and working at Grand Canyon
  • All employees must be a minimum of 21 years old. (With exception of part time positions for people who have their own housing inside of the Park).
  • All employees must be willing to work unpredictable hours.

Why Work Here?

It’s true that living and working at Grand Canyon has it’s challenges but there are definite benefits to spending a season (or more) working with us.

  • Our employee housing is very affordable and our wages are competitive, so spending a season working with us can be a great way to save money! As of October 2023, rent including utilities is $300 for a room with shared kitchen and living space. (subject to change, please confirm during hiring process)
  • We have a shared tip pool and between the cafe and bike shop your hourly wages can be impressive in the busy summer months
  • You have easy access to one of the world’s seven natural wonders, and if you’re into hiking or photography it’s a golden opportunity to rack up an incredible portfolio of experiences and photos
  • You’ll make new friendships that last a lifetime… living with your coworkers can have it’s challenges but if you see it as an opportunity to get to know new people and make new friends. The Grand Canyon community as a whole is very tight knit because it’s so small, so you’ll meet people outside of our company too!
  • You have the opportunity to really make a difference in people’s vacations and ultimately their life. Many people save for years to do a trip to the Grand Canyon, and your warm smile, friendly advice and passion for the area can truly affect the way they feel about their experience.

Living at Grand Canyon

 Grand Canyon is a beautiful and worthwhile place to work and live but it does come with it’s challenges due to it’s location. Most of our employees either live at Grand Canyon or Tusayan (the town immediately outside it’s gates) or commute from Flagstaff or Williams.  While working for us we will provide accommodation for a number of our employees. You must be able to cooperate well with roommates and be willing to contribute to a peaceful, clean, respectful environment that you share with your coworkers. Background checks are conducted on all participants.

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We always recommend reservations whenever possible. Walk-up availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is on a weather-dependent basis in the winter months.


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