Grand Canyon Bicycle



Hermit Road Tour

A guided bike tour along the scenic Hermit Road. River views, incredible Canyon vistas, geological wonders, and wildlife sighting opportunities. Includes rental + Shuttle. More Info


Yaki Point Tour

A guided bike tour that departs directly from our shop. Navigate the beautiful rim side trails to Yaki point trail head. Amazing views, wildlife and more! Includes rental and guided bike tour. More Info

Shuttle Package

Bypass the challenging uphills and busy village sections of roads by taking this shuttle service. Drop off and pick up allow optimal viewing ride without being a huge challenge.  More Info

Yaki Point Bike Tour

Explore the beautiful & awe inspiring east side of the Park to a wonderful place known as Yaki Point! The paved paths have been designed to let you experience the Canyon rim at a close distance, while still keeping you safe. One half mile into the tour, you will emerge into a clearing that offers your first spectacular view of the Grand Canyon. From there, the path winds like the Colorado river along the rim all the way to the Yaki Point lookout.


  • Distance: 7 Miles
  • Duration: 2.5- 3 Hours
  • Elevation: To Yaki Point +142 ft/ 43M
  • Road Type: Slight continual grade toward Yaki point on paved greenways and roads that are closed to public vehicle traffic.


  • $62.00+tax
    adult size bikes 5′ & up
  • $48.50+tax
    youth size bikes 4’11”-3’8″, Burley Trailers, Tagalongs
  • Gratuities not included

* Please note that our bookings are based on size of bike, not age. If a child is over 5′, they will be charged as an adult.


  • Trained, Friendly and Knowledgeable Tour Guide
  • Rental bicycle
  • Rental helmet
  • 2.5 hours Grand Canyon interpretation


  • 1 Tour per day Available
    March 12 – October 23 2022
    November 3rd -27th
    Thursdays thru Sundays only
  • Check In 1:00pm
  • Departure 1:30pm

Tour Highlights

Your guide will take you through a colorful history of geology, plant life and human history along the way. They will also introduce you to some of the Canyon’s wildlife which is commonly seen in this area. Fingers crossed you will potentially see an Elk or Mule deer. The California Condor loves this part of the rim and is often sighted soaring above the depths.  This tour is great for all ages and ability levels. Kids love it but we encourage them to be old enough to have patience with 10 minute stops for interpretation.

NOTE* Children are permitted on the bike tours. We charge by height. Any youth or child over 5 feet tall will be considered an adult price. Please be mindful that these tours include other guests. Children should be able to have capacity to listen to interpretive pieces by guides, keep up with general pace of group riding and be obedient to safety instruction and remain in control at all times during the ride. 


Route Map

Grand Canyon Map Bike Routes

The Orange Bicycle Route depicts the Yaki Point Tour’s path. Click here to download a high res PDF map.


Can you rent an e-bike for a tour?
No, e-bikes are currently not authorized by NPS for tours.

Are there a lot of uphills on Hermit Road Tour?
This route bypasses the very steep sections and has only mild inclines and declines. There is a small section which is too strenuous for some to pedal, and guides with accommodate a slower walking pace through this area to help if needed. 

What’s different about the Hermit and Yaki Tour?
The Yaki tour departs right from the shop so it takes less time. It is more greenway riding and Canyon vistas. There is generally more interaction with people on this route. The Hermit Road tour requires a shuttle and goes to a more remote area of the Park so it takes more time. There are views of the Colorado River and more terrain variety on the Hermit Road tour as well.


We always recommend reservations whenever possible. Walk-up availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is on a weather-dependent basis in the winter months.


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